We Want YOU!!

We Want YOU!!

Why don’t you come join us as a Volunteer and help spread the word? Everything we said in our last page of backing the plan of the manifesto, you could also help us with. It is quite simple really, just a few options to get involved with to help spread the message;

You can follow us on all our social media platforms, ie Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and coming soon, our YouTube channel. Whenever we tweet, would be great for a retweet, on Facebook, like and share all our posts and if you come along to a demonstration, even better! You could also set up a demonstration in your local area? Why don’t you vlog about it and start your own blog too? We will also share all these on our social media platforms. If you are thinking about vlogging about it – why not start your own YouTube channel? Choose a catchy title and who knows who may see it? Share on your Snapchat stories, your Instagram stories, you can also repost our posts on Instagram as well as commenting on our posts and liking which helps and we will also do the same with yours, just make sure to use the hashtag #backzac on Instagram and Twitter and we will make we give you a shoutout!

If you do your own demonstrations, be sure to contact your local press and that will gain more exposure for us all! We want to spread the word and get the younger generation using Back Zac so we can help them get a property easily and efficiently, taking all the hassle out of it for them throughout the whole house buying process. Let us bear your burden and take all the work out of it and you just enjoy looking and choosing which property will be your new home!

Let us make everyone aware that it needn’t be so hard and that we need to get out there and try and make it even easier than Back Zac will make it for them! So come and help us spread the word about our website whilst at the same time we are making the government hopefully sit up and listen so they may themselves want to make some changes so it is not so hard for the youth of today in the UK to find it so hard to buy a property. You choose the method and you choose how often, just fit it in as and when you can. A quick tweet here and a share there can make all the difference, you never know we may go viral and start ‘trending’!

Let us all get together and make the change that is so desperately needed for the youth of today and let us start spreading the word so they can get a simple thing like a roof over their head a lot easier than they are able to at the moment. We can do it by working together in this.