Here at Back Zac we want to make it as simple as possible for all ages to be able to search for properties and purchase them, especially, we want to target the younger generation that are finding it harder and harder to get their foot on the property ladder these days.

The housing market is always rising in general and due to this fact, it is becoming increasingly harder for the younger generation to buy property of their own. The rental market is huge and is also booming as people simply cannot afford to buy.

Wages are not going up in accordance with the cost of living which also makes it harder for those to save for a property as just things like food and going out occasionally is so expensive, particularly for those wanting to live in London.

All these things that cost money are sometimes just needed in life and is sometimes hard to always just keep on saving, we all need to let our hair down every now and then! Therefore it just becomes harder and harder for the young generation of today to save enough money to buy a property, especially if they do have to rent.

Even so many different offers just from one company!

There is a lot to take in and to research and then applying and seeing if you will be accepted – once you DO manage to save some kind of deposit that is…also making sure the ones that are offered to you are right for you, taking into consideration all costs and repayment methods that suit you.

Back Zac App

However, that is where we are hoping to make the whole process as user friendly as we can here at Back Zac for the younger generation as the majority of people like to do things quickly and easily now in the 21st Century, preferably all from our mobile phones! So, we are pleased to announce will be launching a Back Zac app shortly which will make it even easier for you to put in all your requirements and find results in seconds, from finding properties to finding mortgage deals and making it easily accessible for all to find what they require.