Backing the manifesto plan

Backing the manifesto plan

In regards to talking about what we have in the manifesto, we think it is very important to make more people aware of the struggles the younger generation of today face to get onto the property ladder.

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Social Media

We will have a Twitter page of course where we intend to highlight all our findings as well as Facebook and Instagram. Twitter being our main source, we will be able to put points of view and feedback from our website onto there using the relevant hashtags to raise more awareness.

We will be doing PR releases regarding the website and when we begin the new app hopefully, we will also use that as a way to gain more recognition for the youth of today and the hardships they face trying to save for a property and then getting mortgages.

We will also of course speak with all the mortgage lenders we will deal with and ask them for ideas and ways of making it any easier for them to get a mortgage and what they will do to put this in place then will update our findings and results on our blog posts on the website. Blog posts will also be tweeted and added to our social media pages all over. These will be written on a regular basis and maybe even some vlogs from the team here which can again be added to our social media, in the case of vlogs, especially to Instagram and also we will start a YouTube channel once we start vlogging. We will hold some demonstrations so more people are aware and the media cover it, these will typically be in London and will tour the country in major towns and cities, especially where there are Universities, so you can all get involved in the demonstrations too.
All these things will be to highlight how hard it is for the youth of today to get onto the property ladder at all and what can be done to make it easier for them, so they don’t have to move back in with Mum and Dad just to save for a deposit, so they can still have a coffee from the café if they want one, so they can still have a bit of a life and not really have to sacrifice so much to get onto the ladder. Plus then, to of course make it so it can be easier for them to get a mortgage even if they have not managed to save a huge deposit or get a hand out from the bank of Mum and Dad and in case they do not want to buy a house with someone else but want one on their own, no shared ownership or joint mortgages but just a home to call theirs and then one day if they want to, be able to share it with a partner or sell it and move on to another with that partner or on their own.