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From finding the right property for you at the right price and then also being able to assist you in finding the right mortgage at the best rate possible that suits your needs.

We will be able to assist you in a property search by asking a few simple questions from a drop down menu as to what exactly it is you are looking for and then help you find your dream home at hopefully a bargain price from property searches all across the UK.

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We can also arrange the viewings for you for these properties at a time suitable to you and then all we ask is if you could give us some simple feedback once you have had a viewing (again just via choices from a drop down menu), we will be able to ascertain whether we are on the right track in finding the ideal property for you. If this was not the right property for you, we will continue looking taking your feedback on board.

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We are also here to let you know whether we think the property market is going up or down or stagnant at the time and whether we think the vendor will be open to offers and can advise on what to offer for the property should you decide to go ahead and make an offer on one you like. Some properties says ‘Offers in excess of…£xx’, we will find out for you exactly what the vendor is realistically looking for in this case and advise you accordingly. It may even be the case where you could actually make an offer of less in the case, depending on the market at the time and then for it to be accepted.

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Once you have found your perfect house, we can then help you with the process of finding the right mortgage for you as well and make the transactions as smooth as possible.

We will take into account how much deposit you have saved up, how much realistically you are comfortable paying a month and whether you would like a repayment or interest only mortgage as well as many other factors that could determine what is right for you. We have a database of the majority banks and building societies and will put in your details for you and come with a few options for you to choose from, again, according to which would suit you the most.

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You let us here at Back Zac take all the hassle out of property buying for you and guide you through each step of the way, from finding the perfect property to financing it, advising you as best we can all the way through. Why not give it a go now? Begin a search through our drop down menus on our Search page and we will be in touch with a list of properties you may like!